Tree surgeons at Bristol Urban Forestry have been involved in the care and maintenance of trees in the Bristol area for over 40 years.

All manner of tree work and tree damage repair is undertaken by trained and qualified staff. 

We can advise on the safety and condition of trees and the ailments they suffer from, such as pests, disease, decay and storm damage.

Assessments can be made on a tree’s structural integrity by a qualified arborist and specialist treatments to remedy defects are offered.

We are often involved in tree surgery works to protected trees in conservation areas, beginning at the planning application stage.


Reducing the height and/or spread to make the canopy more compact and wind-resistant.

Lifting lower growth and /or thinning to admit more light.

Removal of dead branches.

Re-training of over-grown hedges.


Rod-bracing and cable-bracing of weak or split forks prevents a tree breaking apart.

Treatment of bark damage and cavities of decay.


Precision felling and controlled dismantling in restricted areas.

Uprooted evergreen oak_a victim of the Feb'22 storm.